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Comfort and Care Home Care, where we lead with compassion.

At Comfort and Care Home Care, we have a simple but critical mission: to enrich the lives of seniors and individuals with intellectual disabilities. We strive to create an environment that supports our patients' independence, enhances their quality of life and overall well being. Our team of experts provides personalized and compassionate care, understanding that every patient's needs are unique. We align the most appropriate resources and guidance to offer a supportive and comfortable environment, which is critical for our patients' overall well-being. Our goal is to enable our patients to continue living at home, where they can create memories and share treasured moments with their loved ones.

Our One-Stop-Shop Approach to Home Care Services

We believe in taking a holistic approach to home care services. With our comprehensive range of services, including home care, transportation, fresh home-delivered meals, job training (ODP), and job placement assistance (ODP), we are able to focus on our client's overall well-being and comfort, both inside and outside of their homes. Our aim is to empower our clients to live healthy, independent, and well-balanced lives, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are well taken care of.

Delivering Compassionate Care with Comfort & Care Home Care

At Comfort & Care Home Care, we take great pride in providing the highest standard of care for each individual we serve. Our non-medical home care agency is committed to treating everyone with the utmost dignity and respect. We are a one-stop-shop that can meet your needs, and our team of experts is ready to help. Take our personality assessment to find the perfect care match for you today!

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